QR codes offer a clever solution to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing strategies as it can be used to integrate online and offline content. This is why it is growing as a significant tool for mainstream marketing. QR codes offer limitless provisions because it’s connected to mobile technology. Furthermore, QR codes can be used in mobile phones through an in-built digital camera to connect to a web address, download music, send emails, dial a telephone number, view messages or latest offers, download contact details, search contacts, view social media profiles, use the Google Maps, and lots more. Due to the inherent potential of QR codes, QR reader software is offered by many mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and Symbian for Nokia. What’s more, gaming consoles such as Nintendo 3DS are offering handsets with installed QR code readers.


QR codes have been in use since 1994, when it was first used by Denso Wave at a Toyota subsidiary for tracking motor vehicle parts. Mainly, it was designed to offer content which can be decoded at a fast speed, and it was similar to the 2-D barcode system. However, QR codes (or Quick Response Codes) should not be confused with the popular barcode system which is printed on many consumer products as QR codes offer provisions to hold much more information in comparison to barcodes. To get the QR codes, you just need to scan the codes from a specified angle by using a mobile device with a camera, along with a QR code reader app.

Internet and Mobile Technology

Mobile technology expanded QR codes to offer perfect marketing solutions as QR codes assist in accessing mobile web in a fast and efficient way. The feature also allows the consumers to use QR codes for offline publication of magazines and papers.

There are hundreds of practical ways in which you can use the QR codes, including

In a few years, the QR black squares and randomly printed black spots on the white background will be found at hotels, bus stands, retail shops, shopping malls, and various public places.

It can be used for printing marketing content on:

Any type of organization can use QR codes in an innovative manner to reach more consumers because they offer a number of provisions to provide a one-step solution to direct users to view landing pages of the websites, see promotional campaigns or get the latest discount information.

Many airlines in the US are already delivering paperless QR codes (saved in Smartphones) to travelers as a replacement to boarding passes. Nonprofit organizations can use it for promoting advertisements with a link directed to the donation webpage. QR codes are also used by organizations in the hospitality sector, consumer brands, real estate, and travel sector as they can be used for integrating marketing material for outdoor display and for online reservations and communication. Hence, the possibilities with QR codes are endless!


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