QR Codes for Android

QR codes are two-dimensional squares which pack data in the form of phone numbers, names, URLs, texts, images or videos. There are several phone models which can scan and decode the data through its inbuilt camera and decoder, allowing the user to view the content provided in the QR codes in minutes. To read the QR codes, you should get an Android phone with an in-built camera. Additionally, you will need Barcode Scanner software.

QR codes may sound confusing for many people but QR codes for Android lets you share a myriad of information through these black and white patterns. For using QR codes on Android app, you will have to install a Barcode Reader app or Barcode Scanner on your camera phone. There are many Barcode Reader apps offered at the various online Android stores. You can easily download one for your mobile after verifying the compatibility of the barcode scanner with your particular handset. 

QR codes essentially contain image link-based information. If you have a particular Android app which you want to tag with a QR code, it is possible to do so. You can save the QR code image directly in the computer and upload it to the web server. You can then download the barcode scanner from Android store and install it in your handset. Once you install the Barcode scanner, you can also share the app through the Barcode Scanner.

After the installation, invoke the Barcode scanner. It will show a rectangular flashing red line on the screen of your handset screen. You need to take a snapshot of the QR code within the red line, thus allowing the code to become readable to the Barcode scanner.

The barcode scanner app for Android has several interesting options including History, Setting, Help, About, and Share. You can select the option Share on the barcode screen to share QR code contacts or information. Once you select Share, the QR code for the application can be viewed on the screen and it can be scanned by other Android devices which have a barcode scanner on their phone. You can opt for the menu buttons to send the barcode to various other destinations as well. It can also be used to connect to emails, Facebook or Twitter and it can be delivered to the message box of people in your contact or social networking groups because it is very easy to scan and view QR codes on the computer screen.

Some Android bar code scanner applications even offer a number of provisions to share contact information through QR codes and you can share it through the barcode screen using the select “Contact option”. You can also scroll through the contacts to select and share a contact. With Android QR code and a good bar code scanner app, you can have a wide scope of sharing and access information in a flash.

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