How to Generate QR Code?

QR codes or Quick Response codes are matrix barcodes which can be interpreted by certain camera phones and QR barcode readers. The messages can be generated by a QR code generator in the form of text, URLs or graphics which can be used in a number of ways by different types of business organizations for sending and receiving information. QR code generators can be used to print advertisements and information such as product details, contact information, competition details, event details, offers, Twitter/Facebook or MySpace IDs, and links to a particular YouTube channel. A mobile device can be used to generate a QR Code too.

Since the information in QR code is easy to interpret, the user no longer need to type lengthy information, which reduces the risks of errors. Primarily, there are three variables in QR code which include the display size, code density, and scanning distance. Collectively, they help to form optimized QR codes. The scanning distance is dependent on the density and display size. In case the code density increases, the functional distance reduces and the display size remains the same. Inversely, if the code density reduces, the display size remains the same but the functional distance increases.

There are several online tools which can be used to create QR codes. Some of the free QR generators are mentioned as follows:

Zxing: Zxing is a popular QR code generator which provides the user with a form to fill to start the process of generating QR codes. The QR codes generated online at Zxing can be saved or shared in the social media profile and it also supports calendar information, email contacts, geo location, SMS, phone number, text, URL, and Wi-Fi.

BeQrious: It supports most of the above features and it also supports graphical information as well as Google Maps.

Delivr: Another popular online QR generator which can be used for social networking services like Facebook and Twitter, RSS feeds, Google Maps, SMS to phone or SMS to short codes.

Azonmedia: Azonmedia can be used to generate QR codes for text, URL, email addresses, email messages, services, and it provides support for vCards and meCards too.

Maestro: It’s a free QR code generator which can be used to create QR codes and it helps to convert App store, calendar events, URLs and contact information through Blackberry PIN/ vCard/Mecard.

GoQR: A free QR code generator which generates QR code from text, URLs, phone numbers, SMS, vCards, and the size of image, its color, margins, and encoding can be pre-selected to generate the QR code instantly from the website.

Besides the aforementioned QR code generators, one of the simplest forms of QR code maker is Kaywa, which offers support for 4 types of QR codes text, URLs, SMS, and phone numbers. To save the code, the user can select the size of the QR code in the system. There are hosts of other online websites offering easy QR code creators which can be used to generate QR codes in minutes.

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