QR Code for Fast Readability and Great Storage

QR codes stands for Quick Response codes and it is a popular system of coding where black and white patterns are arranged in a fashion to allow quick readability and better storage of information. Basically, the code is developed from an arrangement in which the black modules are designed in square shapes and distributed in patterns with a white background. The information encoded in this type of system can be alphanumeric, binary or it can be just the Kanji symbols.

The system was designed for the automotive industry in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave, which helped to track the manufacturing process of vehicles. The system offered fast decoding process and it is considered to be one of the most popular 2-D types of barcode systems.

There are two varieties of QR barcode system, namely, micro QR code and standard QR code. Micro QR code is a smaller version of QR code standard and it is not as capable as the standard QR code in handling large scans. The standard QR code can take up to 7,089 characters while the Micro QR code can only accept up to 35 numeric characters.

The method is highly useful in the industrial process, especially in tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. Additionally, the QR barcode codes can be used for numerous other applications which include commercial tracking, product marketing, transport ticketing, and presently, it is popularly used to identify mobile phone users through the process of ‘mobile tagging’.

People who use the system can get a text and they have to add a vCard contact to the device. You can use the features through Uniform Resource Identifier or you can even compose the text messages or email after scanning the QR codes. Also, users can either generate or print their QR codes which can be scanned by others and used. Users can get online options to generate QR codes. There are even applications which can be used in Smartphone devices to scan QR codes.

Certain QR codes storing URLs and addresses are found in business cards, magazines, and other forms of information sources. Camera phones can be used to scan the messages of QR codes. When it is attached to a reader application, it provides appropriate text, information or it may even connect to wireless networks.

QR barcodes are more popular than standard barcodes because they can store a larger volume of data and it does not require the hand held scanner system. In fact, your mobile phone can be used to scan it.

The QR code system is currently used in technically advanced marketing procedures as the codes can be generated with every product on sale in a website. If you are a website owner selling beauty products, you can generate a unique QR barcode for every product being sold in your website, which contains the details of the product including the URL link which can be used to access the product details. What’s more, you can add a business card link too, making it more convenient for a prospective buyer to contact you.

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