QR Codes for Growing Your Business

It’s amazing how large media files such as video, music clips, images, and content can be embedded to your social graph with the use of QR codes, which also helps to improve search engine optimization and social media optimization. I used QR codes in web pages for search engine optimizations and I was amazed to see its provisions for sharing and communication. You can increase traffic because Google indexes the pages with the codes, and it also helps to build offline community, which means, you can market your products online and offline.

QR codes offer the provision to handle sophisticated marketing campaigns. Hence, every small and growing business that is not using QR codes is missing the opportunity to grow in a cost-effective manner. There are some excellent provisions offered by QR codes which can be used for content sharing, building the business community, and placements. It even provides low-cost methods to connect to online and offline marketing content and community.

How to Use the Provision of QR Codes and How to Start It?

QR codes can be pasted on the product labels and this will give the customer additional information about the brand, store, business, and products. Your customers can use the mobile phone to scan the QR code and the phone will be activated for SMSes, emails, and IMs. Real estate owners can use it to promote virtual tours of commercial spaces/homes, restaurants can offer discount coupons through QR codes, hotels can provide lotteries and attractive deals to attract customers, and you can even get password protect QR code to access personalized information.

The facility offered by QR codes for sharing and building a marketing community through online and offline sources is fantastic. You not only share the images or text messages but you can share a complete eBook and multiple graphics through a common link. If you are sharing to build a community, which is one of the favorite features of Facebook, you can use the QR codes to link to the mobile and use the “Like” button, which helps to merge communities to your page. Once you build a community through your mobile by using the QR Codes, you can link the pages to new landing pages and associate it to email opt-ins to get the new list.

To get the highest benefits from QR codes, you should make it smartphone friendly to help the customers to access the code through mobile phones and it should be designed in a manner which is easy to view and navigate. You can use the word “free” or “discounted” along with the QR code on web pages to attract new customers and a short message can be added to the page to inform customers about the benefits of QR codes. For example, you can add product information in QR code or you can add the newsletter with funny taglines to provide your customers with interesting information about your business.

Several leading brands such as Pepsi, Ford, and Starbucks are incorporating QR codes in their marketing campaigns as it offers amazing benefits in the form of an increase in number of customers, improved communication with community, and better provisions for offering customer satisfaction.

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