Scan QR Code

Quick Response code or QR code is basically a simple type of code that contains information and data that can be transferred in coded form. It is in a format of a matrix that seems similar to a barcode. When this barcode is scanned, it reveals the information contained inside. Information access is very quick in QR codes, which is why it’s widely used for marketing purposes. Basically, it consists of black boxes on white backgrounds. The QR code contains information that has to be read by a particular scanner which is designed for reading QR codes.

Scanning of QR codes

Most smartphones that are launched in the market have their own application of a QR code reader but it is also widely available on the Internet as free and paid apps. If you don’t know how to scan QR codes or don’t have these QR code readers installed on your smartphone, you can download and install it. The barcode scanners or QR code scanners are available in Android, Blackberrry, iPhone or Symbian app stores. However, some of these scanner apps are not compatible with all smartphones so it’s best to check the compatibility of your handset before installing any such reader. 

Now, the question arises as to how to scan QR code. After you have downloaded and installed the application on your phone, you just need to follow a few fundamental steps to make use of the QR code. Open the reader and scan the QR code by taking its picture. It is very important to keep your hands steady while taking a picture of the QR code. Unsteady hands can often result in an error which reads something like “The scanning of the QR code has failed”.

Scanned Information

After a successful QR code scan, the message in the code is displayed or a particular action is invoked in your phone. The speed of decoding the message will depend on the model of your phone and the density of information packed in the QR code.

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